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An Empirical Study of "English Speech" and the Cultivation of Students' Thinking Ability in College English Majors

Yanan H


This paper attempts to explore how the students' discernment ability can be improved through the “English Speech” course by teaching observation, questionnaires and interviews for the author's English major sophomores in one semester and combining the Paul-Elder's ability to think. The conclusions are as follows: In terms of thinking elements, "purpose" and "information" elements have been significantly improved. In terms of intelligence traits, "integrity" and "empathy" were significantly improved. However, there is still room for further improvement of students' thinking elements such as "perspective" and intellectual features such as "courage". At the same time, the author also combined with his own "English speech" course of the main arrangements to provide the corresponding can focus on the cultivation of critical thinking ability of teaching reference.


critical thinking ability;Thinking elements;Intellectual characteristics

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