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Reform and Practice of Teaching Management Mode of Ecologicalization-Based Make-Up Examinations and Reexaminations in Colleges and Universities -Taking School of Humanities and Laws of Tianjin Polytechnic University as an Example

Zan HN


Make-up examination is an examination organized by the teaching management department for specific students. Generally speaking, students who fail the normal assessment or pass the exam can apply for the make-up examination. This paper introduces ecological viewpoints into the teaching management in colleges and universities, explores how to improve the system of make-up examinations and reexaminations, puts forward important measures to solve the problem, and applies the suggested measures to the teaching management process of make-up examinations and reexaminations of the School of Humanities and Laws in 6 semesters of 2014-2016. As can be seen from the statistic data of examinations, the make-up examination and reexamination rates are respectively reduced by half before the reform, showing that the reform measures are effective with practical application value.


College make-up examination, college reexamination, ecologicalization, teaching management

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