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The Analysis on Blended Teaching Strategies in College English Listening Class

beibei Dai


English listening plays a crucial role in learning English, so the new College English Curriculum Requirements attach great importance to college English teaching. Nowadays, with the development of multimedia technology and online teaching, college English teachers are trying to improve the English teaching mode to improve students' English learning ability from various aspects. Blended teaching is a new teaching method, which has a great effect on improving English listening. This paper mainly discusses the teaching strategies of blended teaching in college English listening courses, analyzes the current situation of blended teaching and college English listening courses, continuously optimizes college English listening classes and effectively improves students' English ability by using blended teaching strategies.


Blended Teaching;English Listening;College Classes

Full Text:



Yang Limei. The Application Analysis of Blended Teaching in English Listening Class Teaching in Colleges and Universities [J]. China External Education, 2019 (11): 122/126.

Wu Teng. The Exploration and Research on Blended Teaching Mode (Super Star Learning Platform) in English Proficiency Test Teaching in Higher Vocational Colleges [J]. Journal of Hubei Open Vocational College, 2018 (24): 162.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/ahe.v3i4.1546