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The Discussion on the Integration Strategy of the Mental Health Education and the Ideological and Political Education for College Students

Hong Lu


The mental health is a kind of happiness based on good physical condition that individual in harmony with himself or herself and external social environment. For college students, accepting the ideological and political education is merely to standardize and constrain their behaviors and thought qualities, without being aware of the importance of the mental health education for college students to shape correct outlook on life and values. Besides, to a certain extent, the mental health education in colleges is the need of cultivate high-quality talents and also the need of promoting college students' all-round development and is the need for universities to complete the basic task of strengthening moral education and cultivate people.


Colleges And Universities;The Mental Health Education;The Ideological And Political Education;Integration

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/ahe.v3i4.1549