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How to Practice Humanistic Care in Ideological and Political Teaching for Colleges and Universities

Yuting Niu


The implementation of ideological and political teaching in colleges and universities requires thinking from multiple angles and taking multiple measures at the same time. The level and quality of education management, substantial political contents, multiple elements injection and a series of other contents need to be improved. Despite the continuous improvement of the overall level of college education, there are still a series of problems, such as the outdated and single management system, the uneven subjective initiative of students and the rigid and boring evaluation system. This paper first makes an in-depth analysis of the current situation of ideological and political teaching in colleges and universities, then expounds the needs of humanistic care, and finally probes into the measures of ideological and political teaching in modern colleges and universities under humanistic care.


Colleges And Universities; Humanistic Care; Ideological And Political Education

Full Text:



Liu Jing. The Research on Humanistic Care and Psychological Counseling in Ideological and Political Education of Art Students in Universities [J]. Reading and Writing (Education and Teaching Journal),2019,16(11): 47-48.

Xue Fengfeng. The Education Management in Modern Universities from the Perspective of Humanistic Care [J]. Curriculum Education Research,2019 (44): 20-21.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/ahe.v3i4.1554