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Cfd Numerical Simulation and Thermal Efficiency Analysis of Water Curtain Greenhous

Dandan Zou, Gang Che, Wan Lin, Shiqi Liu


The actual sunshine time in the northern provinces of China is relatively short. Because of the too low
temperature, the normal growth of fruits and vegetables is affected. It is necessary to improve the growth environment
of crops through greenhouses and effectively extend the original cultivation cycle. Although the solar greenhouse can
efficiently use solar energy, considering the large temperature difference between the morning and evening in the
Northeast and the low temperature, it is necessary to transform the conventional solar greenhouse to form a usable
water curtain greenhouse. According to the application of the water curtain greenhouse, research on cfd numerical
simulation of issues related to thermal efficiency to ensure the advantages of this kind of greenhouse application.


Water Curtain Greenhouse; Cfd Numerical Simulation; Thermal Efficiency

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/ahe.v4i1.1830