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The Excavation and Application of Ideological and Political Education Elements in Veterinary Microbiology Teaching

Lianrui Li


Ideological and political education is an essential part of higher education, and every discipline should add
ideological and political elements in the teaching process. As the future medical workers of veterinary microbiology
students, there is a need to strengthen the education in this respect. The whole process of veterinary microbiology from
birth to perfection reflects the perseverance and indomitable professional spirit and professional ethics of veterinary
microbiologists from generation to generation. As a new generation of veterinary practitioners in the future, we should
strengthen ideological and political education, continue the spirit of our predecessors and contribute to the socialist
construction. This paper mainly discusses how to dig into the problems of ideological and political elements and puts
forward the corresponding teaching cases.


Veterinary Microbiology; Ideological and Political Education; Mining; Application

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