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Analysis of the New Mode of Network Security Personnel Training and the Strategy of "Practical Operation"

Zhenfeng Li, Lijie Gao


In the information society, network security involves national security, if we want to build a network security power, we need to have high-quality network security personnel as security. In some colleges and universities in our country, there is a shortage of teachers, emphasizing theory, neglecting practice, and copying the training mode of network security talents from other disciplines, which is very unfavorable to the training of actual combat network security talents. In order to further train the talents in the field of network security that our country needs from the comprehensive aspects of theoretical knowledge, practical ability and moral quality, this paper analyzes the current situation of network security personnel training mode, and puts forward an effective scheme to optimize the talent training mode. Finally, it helps to make the network security work in our country develop healthily in a more standardized, scientific and efficient direction.


Network Security; Personnel Training; Model Analysis; Operational Strategy

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/ahe.v4i3.2011