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Research and Practice on the Organic Fusion Mode of Mechanics and Ideology and Politics

Liping Shi, Yesheng Zhong, Xiaodong He, Ailun Zhao, Yang Xu


The organic integration of mechanics and ideological and political teaching refers to infiltrate the ideological and political education elements in the whole process of teaching and educating people, aiming to strengthen students’ ideological and political concepts and shape a sound personality. Under the concept of comprehensive quality education, an important criterion for measuring the effectiveness of university education of teaching and educating people is the effectiveness and level of moral education. Infiltrating “ideological and political elements” in different stages of mechanics professional knowledge teaching can help stimulate students’ professional learning Interest and enthusiasm, improve the ideological and political level. This article focuses on the research and practice related issues of the organic integration model of mechanics and ideological politics.


Mechanics Teaching; Ideological and Political Education; Organic Integration; Research and Practice

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[1.]Yan X. On the ideological and political elements of “curriculum ideological and political”, practice misunderstandings and educational evaluation in colleges and universities. Ideological Education Research 2020; (02): 88-92.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/ahe.v4i8.2553