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Ideological and Political Exploration and Practice of the Satellite Communication Course

Mingchuan Yang, Jia Lu, Qing Guo


Under the concept of comprehensive quality education, ideological and political education plays a decisive role in higher education. At present, the teaching concept of “curriculum ideology and politics” is advocated, focusing on the deep integration of professional education and ideological and political education. The Satellite Communication course is a compulsory course for engineering and electronics majors in colleges and universities. It is also a vital course in communication, information and other related majors. It is closely related to China’s scientific and technological development and national defense capabilities. It is one of the best courses that integrate ideological and political education. This article focuses on issues related to ideological and political exploration and practice in satellite communication courses.


Higher Education; Satellite Communication; Curriculum Ideology; Exploration and Practice

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/ahe.v4i8.2576