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Investigation on the Construction of Cooperative Education Mode for Applied Talents in the Tourism Management

Yonghong Bao, Jingying Wang


With the reform and development of higher education in our country, the mode of "integration of production and education, cooperative education" has become an effective way to train application-oriented talents in colleges. It is significant for tourism management ,as the major of more practicality and application, to carry out cooperative education actively in order to train the practical talents in travel industry. The cooperative education as the guiding ideology of teaching runs throughout the curriculum system, teaching material construction, practical teaching link, teaching method, teaching evaluation and so on of tourism management specialty, in order to realize the overall cooperative education mode, train the large number of applied talents of tourism industry, and promote the sustainable and healthy development of travel industry in the future.


Tourism Management; Applied Talents; Collaborative Education Model

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[1] Zhao A. Construction and implementation of the model of integration of industry and education in tourism managemen——The case of Liaodong University. Journal of Mudanjiang College of Education 2019; (4): 45-47.

[2] Wang C, Fan J. Research on innovation of training mode of tourism management professionals based on "cooperative training". Journal of Inner Mongolia University of Finance and Economics 2014; 12(6): 70-75.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/ahe.v4i10.2876