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Analysis of the Humanities Education Strategy in the Course of Appreciation of Film and Television Art

Yuan Lu


The teaching of film and television art appreciation course aims to cultivate the aesthetic ability and humanistic quality of college students, help college students broaden their cultural horizons and improve their self-innovation ability. This article first discusses the importance of film and television art appreciation courses, and proposes strategies for improving the teaching of film and television art appreciation courses based on humanistic literacy education, in order to improve the quality of course teaching, improve students’ ability to appreciate film and television arts, and promote students to form healthy personalities. Improve students' humanistic quality.


Film and Television Art Appreciation; Humanistic Accomplishment; Education; Meaning; Strategy

Full Text:



[1] Li M. The significance of film and television appreciation to the improvement of the humanistic literacy of students in higher vocational colleges. Media Forum 2018; 1(22): 78.

[2] Wang M. Suggestions for the establishment of film and television appreciation courses in secondary vocational schools based on humanistic literacy training. Quality Education in West China 2019; 5(8): 52-53.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/ahe.v4i10.2902