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Analysis on the Innovative Ways of Employment and Entrepreneurship Guidance in Higher Vocational Colleges Under the Education of "Three All-round Education"

Linman Zhang


The educational concept of "Three All-round Education" emphasizes all-staff education, full-process education, and all-round education. At present, this education concept has been applied in many courses and is a new era curriculum, one of the important ideological guidelines for teaching reform. As far as the employment and entrepreneurship guidance work and teaching in higher vocational colleges are concerned, this is an important guiding course for solving the employment and entrepreneurship problems of higher vocational graduates in the new era. The quality of course teaching must be ensured and guided by the concept of "three comprehensive education". It is of great significance for curriculum innovation and development. This article introduces the basic connotation of the "Three Comprehensive Education", analyzes the necessity of the application of the "Three Comprehensive Education" concept in the employment and entrepreneurship guidance work of higher vocational colleges, and explores the actual situation of the employment and entrepreneurship guidance work in the higher vocational colleges. This is the innovation path of employment and entrepreneurship guidance work in higher vocational colleges under the education of "Three All-round Education".


"Three All-round Education"; Higher Vocational Colleges; Employment and Entrepreneurship; Guidance Work; Innovation

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/ahe.v4i10.2942