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Research on Hybrid Teaching Mode Based on "Cloud Class Intelligent Vocational Education" --- Take "Introduction to Internet of Things" as an Example

Zhiwen Zhang


The advent of the era of "Internet+"has made intelligent classroom an inevitable trend of current education. Based on the cloud class intelligent vocational education platform, this paper takes the course "Introduction to Internet of things" as an example, and constructs a hybrid teaching mode through the integration of online and offline resources. Through the actual classroom teaching, this paper analyzes the traditional teaching and hybrid teaching, and discusses their possible shortcomings. By reflecting on its shortcomings, new ideas are put forward for the innovation and practical application of hybrid teaching mode in vocational education in the future. This paper mainly introduces the application advantages of the "cloud class intelligent vocational education" hybrid teaching mode in the "Introduction to the Internet of Things", analyzes the problems in the application of the hybrid teaching mode in the course of "Introduction to the Internet of Things", and studies the specific problems and countermeasures.


Internet+; Intelligent Vocational Education; Hybrid Teaching; Vocational Education.

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Yue S, Li B, He D. Exploration and application of the mode of learning and training integration based on the internet+——Take “introduction to internet of things” as an example. Electronic World 2019; (21): 104.

Li B. Research and practice on modularization of introduction to internet of things based on “learning and training integration”. China New Communications 2019; 21(20): 180.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/ahe.v4i10.2948