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Discussion on Social Governance Model Innovation Based on Big Data Perspective

Haipeng Xun


Now we have entered the era of big data, the application of big data has promoted the continuous innovation of social governance model, making it develop towards a more sound and perfect direction. However, we have to admit that there are still some problems to be solved in the social governance model, such as the lack of awareness of big data, lack of number of big data professionals, increasingly prominent security issues, and imperfect relevant laws and regulations. Based on this,
we must innovate social governance model from the perspective of big data, in order to promote the continuous progress and development of society.


Big Data; Social Governance; Model Innovation

Full Text:



1. Xu H. Improving the intelligent level of social governance in the era of big data. China Social Science Journal 2020; (1).

2. Kong J. Dilemma and path innovation of social governance in the era of big data. Administration and Law 2019; (12): 60-66.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/ahe.v4i11.3037