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Analysis and Thinking on the Current Status of Law Teaching in Education

Xiaoming Li


At this stage, legal education in my country's universities is facing the fierce contradiction between the unity of teaching themes and the diversification of teaching subjects in the self-media era. The traditional teaching model can no longer adapt to the rapid development of society at this stage, and the education department needs to be timely Reform the content and goals of teaching according to the actual situation of teaching and the trend of social development, and promote the development and construction of a socialist harmonious society. Below, this article will briefly analyze and introduce the current legal education situation, and how to improve the teaching efficiency of law in the current teaching environment, expand the teaching platform, improve the moral and legal literacy of college students, and cultivate a group of knowledge and law for the society , The new youth who understands the law begin to analyze and think.


Self-media Environment; Law Teaching; Status Quo Analysis and Thinking; Curriculum Optimization Discussion

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/ahe.v5i1.3099