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The Construction and Application of Professional Development Scale for Master of full-time education (PDSM-FE)

Hongcui Zhu



This study developed and validated Professional Development Scale for Master of Full-time Education (PDSM-FE) to assess the students’ training quality, using the methods of literature research, questionnaires, interviews and data statistics. The PDMS-FE includes three dimensions, namely, teachers’ professional disposition, professional knowledge and professional capability. Factor analysis was done on the 40 items developed in this study. 32 items were found to be factorialy valid. The PDSM-FE was also found to be reliable with a coefficient of 0.936. The results of administration show that the professional development of Masters of full-time education (MFE) at Capital Normal University is good. The dimension of professional capability is better than teachers’ professional disposition, professional knowledge. The professional development of the students who are from teacher education when they are still undergraduates is better than those who are not from teacher education. The professional development of female students is better than male students.


Key words:Master of full-time education; professional development; professional disposition; professional knowledge; professional capability

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