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An Analysis of English Learning Demotivation Factors of Minority High-school Students in Western China ——A Case Study of A County High School in Qiannan Autonomous Prefecture in Guizhou Province

Jie Sun


Abstract: Through a questionnaire survey of 560 minority high-school students in western China and
interviews with 24 of them, this paper explores their English learning demotivators. Combined with
exploratory factor analysis, the results indicate that major demotivators are linguistic competence,
learning strategy, textbooks, social factor, teachers’ moral cultivation, language attitude, self-efficacy
and teachers’ professional knowledge and ability. Theoretically, this paper finds linguistic competence
factor and social factor, which enriches the findings of previous relevant researches. Practically, it
provides tentative suggestions for English teachers to reflect on their pedagogy and minimize students’


minority high-school students; English learning; Demotivation; influence factors

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