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Study on English Teaching Evaluation System in Higher Vocational Colleges

Yanhong Zhao


After decades of development, vocational education in our country has gradually entered a new stage of development and is faced with new opportunities for development and strategic choices. Especially in the 21st century, the domestic demand for skilled professionals increases year by year. Under such circumstances, how to further optimize the teaching system of higher vocational colleges and strengthen the guidance and management has become an urgent need for education. English curriculum, as an international education course, are the key steps for students to learn foreign cultures, touch new things and go to the world stage. The quality of teaching is inextricably linked with English teaching evaluation system. The article, from the overall point of view and the part of the higher vocational colleges , fully elaborates English teaching evaluation system; and analyzes the problems in the evaluation process, as well as the actual situation in major vocational colleges and puts forward the establishment of appropriate English teaching evaluation system for the purpose of improving teaching quality and training more English professionals to meet the needs of society and the country.


vocational colleges, English teaching, evaluation system

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