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Online First, the immediate online pre-published of all accepted papers. Articles in Online First are these have been initially reviewed, initially accepted and initially typeset. But they haven't being peer-viewed and proofreaded, also, the final date of publication hasn't been scheduled. Individual articles and its content may differ from the final version of publication, subject to the final version.

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by C. Kanmalai Williams
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The scarcity of conventional materials such as cement and aggregates has led to the use of alternate materials in concrete. This research is focused on the effective utilization of Reclaimed Rubber (RR) as an alternate material for coarse aggregate in concrete. Concrete mix was prepared for M20 grade by replacing cement and coarse aggregates with SF and RR respectively for cube and cylinder samples. A base study of silica fume has been carried out in this research work partially replacing cement with SF at increments of 3 percent up to 24 percent in both compression and split tension tests. An optimum replacement of 12percent for silica fume is obtained which is used in the main study with reclaimed rubber. Compressive and split tensile strength tests were conducted with optimum SF replacement percent and various proportions of RR replacing coarse aggregates in concrete mix after different curing periods. Experiments reveal that 12 percent replacement of cement and 9percent replacement of coarse aggregates with silica fume and recovered rubber respectively gains good strength.