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Research Advancements: REVEALED: Harvey Weinstein used ex-Mossad agents and an 'army of spies' to gather details about the personal lives and sex histories of dozens of actresses and journalists he feared would expose him

A terrifying expose alleged that Harvey Weinstein used an 'army of spies' to dig up dirt on the actresses and journalists he feared would expose him.

Ronan Farrow, whose previous report forThe New Yorker unearthed decades of sexual abuse allegations against the powerful Hollywood producer, has revealed the frightening lengths to which Weinstein went to silence his accusers.

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Research Advancements: P2P Platforms Turn to US Markets for Funds


Chinese online lenders are seeking growth opportunities and securing shares in the emerging peer-to-peer lending market by going public in the United States, according to industry experts.
Hexindai Inc became the first Chinese financial technology (fintech) company to list on the Nasdaq stock market last Friday. Priced at $10 per share, the IPO aims to raise $50 million. It was also the third Chinese fintech company that went public in the US this year.

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Research Advancements: Over 500k Shared Bikes Cleared Out of City

After Shanghai tightened the number of shared bikes allowed in the city, over 516,000 such bikes have been cleared out, though there are currently 1.15 million still being used around the city as of the end of September, reported Monday. 
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Research Advancements: North Highland College Defends Seal Management Award: To Better Protect Seals

A college has defended a qualification it offers in seal management which includes an option to complete a practical shooting test.
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Research Advancements: 10 Lessons To Improve Your Leadership Skills From Restaurant Owner Ori Menashe

1. Embrace Creativity.
2. Be Adaptable.
3. Mentor Employees.
4. Encourage Dreamers.
5. Look For Ways To Improve.
6. Evaluate The Entire Experience.
7. Make Time For Family.
8. Carve Out Time For Yourself.
9. Promote Positivity.
10. Accept Mistakes Will Happen.
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Research Advancements: Amazon Threatens to Disrupt The Prescription Drug Delivery Business, Analysts Say

ST. LOUIS — In 23 years, Amazon has transformed itself from a relatively unknown online retailer into a behemoth that has toppled traditional big-box stores by attracting consumers to its speedy home delivery model and low prices.
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Research Advancements: Bloomfield College Announces New Degree In Human Resource Management

Bloomfield College now offers a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree in Human Resource Management (HRM).
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Research Advancements: Mahindra Logistics IPO: Should You Subscribe? What Brokerages Say

Mahindra Logistics Rs. 829 crore IPO opens on October 31 and will remain open till November 2 (Thursday). The IPO is priced in the band of 425-429/share, valuing the service provider at Rs. 3,052 crore at upper end of the price band of Rs. 429 per share. Retail investors can subscribe in lot size of 34 shares and in multiples thereafter. The issue is a 100 per cent offer for sale (OFS) issue with over 1.9 crore shares on offer in the IPO.. Through this IPO, the promoter, Mahindra and Mahindra, will sell total 96.7 lakh shares (R 411 crore on the lower band) and Rs. 415 crore on the upper band) while equal number of shares will be offloaded by some private equity investors. Capital. Promoter, Mahindra and Mahindra's stake would come down to 58.77 per cent after the IPO.
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Research Advancements: UPS Turns in Strong Third Quarter Earnings Performance

Third quarter earnings results issued today by Atlanta-based UPS were solid despite challenges posed during the quarter as a result of multiple hurricanes and other natural disasters. Revenue for the quarter was up 7% annually to $15.798 billion, with earnings per share up 1 cent to $1.45, meeting Wall Street expectations. Operating profit, at $2.035 billion, was up slightly over last year’s $2.034 billion.
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Research Advancements: Risk Management Transformed

The discipline of risk management has come a long way over the past 50 years.
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Research Advancements: Cisco Aims to Pull Data Center Network Management and DevOps Together

Recent announcements paint a fuller picture of Cisco’s single-pane-of-glass vision for infrastructure management.
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Research Advancements: Crying Neymar and Beheaded Messi. World Cup Targeted by ISIS

Barcelona star Messi appears to have been beheaded and Neymar is pictured on his knees crying while a terrorist stands next to them both with a knife in his hands.
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Research Advancements: No Longer a Government. Spain Dissolved Catalonia Government.

Spain dismissed Catalonia's president and Cabinet, and dissolved its Parliament on Friday hours after lawmakers in the autonomous region defied Madrid and voted to declare independence.
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Research Advancements: Action Preparing on Myanmar Refugee Crisis By US

Bipartisan anger about the ongoing violence in Myanmar prompted Trump administration officials Tuesday to defend their approach to the country, where more than 600,000 people have fled persecution.
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Research Advancements: Stifel Financial to Acquire Wealth Management Business of B.C. Ziegler

Stifel Financial Corp. plans to acquire the wealth management business of B.C. Ziegler & Co., giving the St. Louis-based holding company a bigger presence in Wisconsin and elsewhere.
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Research Advancements: Illegal Vietnamese Immigrants Found by Officials, Inside a LORRY.

Ten Vietnamese illegal immigrants were found squeezed inside a lorry at a motorway service station - despite the vehicle being waved through by officials at two border checks.
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Research Advancements: Global Assets Under Management To Double By 2025 As The World’s Population Ages, Study Says

• Global assets under management reached $84.9 trillion in 2016 and will therefore almost double to hit $145.4 trillion in 2025.

• The consultancy group foresees retail funds, including exchange-traded funds (ETFs), to almost double by 2025 and growing investments in alternative areas, such as real estate and land, private equity and private debt.

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Research Advancements: One Online Crime Every TEN Minutes, Reported By UK Officials

More than 150 internet-fueled crimes are recorded by police every day on average, official figures show.
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Research Advancements: Palace Fire Management: Building Fire Research Centre Ignored

The Technical Committee for implementation of a fire management system for Mysuru palace has failed to take cognisance of the expertise of the Building Fire Research Centre (BFRC) established at the National Institute of Engineering (NIE) in the city.
Posted: 2017-11-04 More...

Research Advancements: Hunters in Maryland Net 128 Black Bears This Season

ANNAPOLIS, Md. — Hunters in Maryland have shot 128 black bears this season.
Posted: 2017-11-03 More...

Research Advancements: Southern Minnesota Beet Sugar Cooperative


The Southern Minnesota Beet Sugar Cooperative is a farmer-owned producer of beet sugar.

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Research Advancements: Not Good News for ISIS Jihadists. Briton Warned Terror Group

Letting Islamic State jihadist return to the UK is like 'inviting the wolf to dinner', a Briton fighting against the murderous group has warned.
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Research Advancements: Plant Cleanup Employment Now Stands at About 1,300

Following recent layoffs in the transition to a new cleanup contractor at the U.S. Department of Energy's Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant site, total employment stands at approximately 1,300.
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Research Advancements: Powerless Puerto Rico

Amid the slow-motion agonies of Puerto Rico, it is heartening to see the reopening of some schools — though fewer than one in 10 — signaling the local resolve to prevail over Hurricane Maria’s devastation more than a month ago. Comparable resolve, however, and a far greater sense of urgency are needed from the federal government if the crippled island is ever to have a decent chance at recovery.
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Research Advancements: Commentary: Bias of Banning Open Pit Mining

Just days before Gina Lopez’s appointment as environment secretary was formally rejected by the Commission on Appointments, she issued a ban on open pit mining through Department of Environment and Natural Resources Administrative Order (DAO) No. 2017-10.  Officially, the subject of the DAO is “Banning the Open Pit Method of Mining for Copper, Gold, Silver, and Complex Ores in the Country.”
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Research Advancements: Victoria Just Announced It Will Ban Single-Use Plastic Bags

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has become the second state leader in as many months to throw his support behind a movement urging Australian states and territories to ban the retail use of plastic bags, announcing a statewide ban on single-use plastic bags on Tuesday.
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Research Advancements: PHOTOGRAPHY: The Hopeful Eyes of the Girl Making a Living from Rubbish

The hopeful eyes of the girl making a living by rubbish.
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Research Advancements: What's the Connection Between Sugar and Cancer:Is There a Link?

A biologic mechanism in yeast cells may explain the relationship between sugar and malignant tumors, according to a recent study published in the journal Nature Communications.
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Journal Updates: Overseas Assets Held by China's Centrally Owned Firms Top 6 Trillion Yuan

BEIJING — The value of overseas assets held by China's centrally owned enterprises has exceeded 6 trillion yuan (£687.1 billion), with investments in more than 185 countries and regions, the state assets regulator said on Wednesday.
Posted: 2017-10-31 More...

Research Advancements: PF Résolu Canada Inc. Is Fined $100,000 for Environmental Offence

PF Résolu Canada Inc., a North American company in the forest products industry, was recently fined $100,000 after pleading guilty to violating subsection 36(3) of the Canadian Fisheries Act.
Posted: 2017-10-31 More...

Research Advancements: Oxford Hospitals' £14.7m Pipeline Wins Award

A 14.7m underground pipeline that transfers heat and energy between two hospitals in Oxford has won an award.
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Research Advancements: Environmental Management Success Goes Hand-in-Hand with Innovative Products

•Fetzer Vineyards partnered with Chile-based BioFiltro to install their patented BIDA System to treat 100% of the winery’s wastewater. The system uses microbes and red worms to naturally remove up to 99% of contaminants from wastewater in four hours.
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Journal Updates: New Management of Mount Hua

CVM method (conditional value evaluation method, also known as willingness investigation method) is used to investigate the willingness to pay about the ecological environment protection cost of Shaanxi Huashan scenic spot in July and August, 2013. 
Posted: 2017-10-30 More...

Journal Updates: One of Self-Cultivation Benedict Practice: Zen practice

Monks at Shaolin Temple in Henan province have been harvesting wheat as a method to practice Buddhism, the China News Agency reported on Thursday.
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Research Advancements: Rosneft to take control of a main oil pipeline of Kurdistan

LONDON/MOSCOW - Russian energy major Rosneft has agreed to take control of the main oil pipeline in Iraq's Kurdistan, further boosting its role as the main international investor in the semi-autonomous region.
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Research Advancements: China's R&D Spending Reaches 2.1% of GDP in 2016

China's economy expanded by 6.8 percent in the third quarter of this year, according to the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) on Thursday.
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Research Advancements: Kobe Steel Pays High Price for 'silo' Management

Kobe Steel's silo-like management system overseen by President and CEO Hiroya Kawasaki, seen here finishing a news conference on Oct. 13 in Tokyo, may have been an incubator for wrongdoing.
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Journal Updates: How Retail Will Survive in New Economic Model

With the development of economy, people have higher requirements for living standards and quality of life. Therefore, the number and scale of retail enterprises are increasing.
Posted: 2017-10-27 More...

Journal Updates: The Successful Application of Big Data In Online Gallery

With the development of modern technology, Big Data has become the most popular term in recent years. 
Posted: 2017-10-25 More...

Research Advancements: Innovative Enterprises Contribute to China's R&D Spending

China's economy expanded by 6.8 percent in the third quarter of this year, according to the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) on Thursday.
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Research Advancements: What is Emerging Markets?

WHAT COUNTS AS an emerging market? Broadly speaking, an economy that is not too rich, not too poor and not too closed to foreign capital. The term was coined by Antoine van Agtmael in 1981 when he was working for the International Finance Corporation (IFC), a division of the World Bank. 
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Research Advancements: Subsidy for Scotland's Ferry Services Doubles Over 10 Years

The amount of public money being spent on Scotland's ferry services has more than doubled in the last decade, a spending watchdog has found.
Posted: 2017-10-25 More...

Journal Updates: Performance Evaluation and Countermeasures In Human Resource Management

Today, economic globalization is intensifying and global human resources are developing at a rapid pace. 
Posted: 2017-10-24 More...

Journal Updates: Social Sustainability and Environmental Pollution

Techstars has launched a new accelerator in Austin focused on the increasingly popular category of “impact” technologies.
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Research Advancements: Breakthroughs Confirm China's Rise As A Global High-tech Player

Innovation is the catchword as the nation moves center stage in the intelligence revolution, as Ma Si, Ouyang Shijia and He Wei report.
Posted: 2017-10-24 More...

Research Advancements: Should Automakers Fight Emissions Standards: Shouldn’t

With the rapid development of economics, with recent powerful hurricanes having battered Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico and other Caribbean islands and the West still coping with widely destructive wildfires, the need for action on climate change has never been more obvious. It’s going to take a strenuous, persistent effort at all levels, including international cooperation; federal, state and local action, and private-sector commitments and follow-through.
Posted: 2017-10-26 More...

Research Advancements: The Snaefell Mountain Railway, which joins Laxey village with the summit of Snaefell, is currently closed: 95 'safety issues' since 2015

The Snaefell Mountain Railway (Manx: Raad-Yiarn Sniaull) is an electric mountain railway on the Isle of Man in Europe, which is recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records for operating the oldest tramcar in the world. It joins the village of Laxey with the summit of Snaefell, at 2,034 feet (620 m) above sea level the highest point on the island. 
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Journal Updates: The Internet Financial Management


With the rapid development of current economy, Internet financial management industry is an emerging industry. There are also some problems and risks existing in internet financial management products, measures should be taken to enhance the utility of Internet financial products.
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Journal Updates: The Lean Management


Bryan Robertson, former director of lean transformation, Direct Line Group. We have learned from him. In late 2009, Direct Line Group was making a loss. A new executive team, led by incoming CEO Paul Geddes, turned to lean management as the way to improve the company’s operational effectiveness. Now, Direct Line Group is expanding rollout of lean principles, with plans in place to cover almost the entire organisation.
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Research Advancements: Foreign Exchange Rates in Singapore


The following are inter-bank rates of foreign currencies against the Singapore dollar on Wednesday:
Wednesday Tuesday bid/ask bid/ask
Australian dollar 1.0620/1.0628 1.0646/1.0657
British pound 1.7860/1.7878 1.7989/1.8004
Hong Kong dollar 0.1739/0.1740 0.1736/0.1737
Japanese yen 100 1.2047/1.2056 1.2084/1.2093
Swiss franc 1.3844/1.3856 1.3871/1.3884
U.S. dollar 1.3579/1.3589 1.3552/1.3562

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Research Advancements: Enterprise Management --- Employees Who Manage Their Time Properly

Time is precious. Everybody gets just 168 hours in a week. Employees almost always want more free time and more control over their own schedules. 
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Research Advancements: Revamped Property Management Aims to Maximize Investor Profit


Tier 1 property managers tap international expertise, latest technology to boost rental income for Canadian landlords and investors.
Posted: 2017-10-23 More...

Research Advancements: Are You Organized for Success?


IT is charged with innovating the business but does this depend upon IT innovate itself first and how IT does business with its stakeholders?
Posted: 2017-10-22 More...

Research Advancements: Why A 16th-century Saint Is A Model of Modern Management


Saint Ignatius of Loyola (October 23, 1491– July 31, 1556) was a Spanish Basque priest and theologian, who founded the religious order called the Society of Jesus (Jesuits) and became its first Superior General. 
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Research Advancements: Shocked the Retail Circle --- Aldi Supermarket

Aldi (stylized as ALDI) is the common brand of two leading global discount supermarket chains with over 10,000 stores in 18 countries, and an estimated combined turnover of more than €50 billion. 
Posted: 2017-10-22 More...

Journal Updates: China’s Sports Tourism


Sports tourism refers to travel which involves either observing or participating in a sporting event staying apart from their usual environment. Sport tourism is a fast-growing sector of the global travel industry.
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Journal Updates: How to Build Enterprise Better? Research on Project Management in Enterprise Marketing


With the development of social economy in China, it provides a good market environment for the long-term and stable development of Chinese enterprises. At the same time, companies want to improve their own in the market share, it must be played in a good marketing role. The project management plays an important role in the marketing of the enterprise.
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Journal Updates: China’s Ministry of Public Security Activated Level-1 Emergency Responses After 7.0 Earthquake Rocked Jiuzhaigou


A 7.0-magnitude earthquake has killed at least 19 people and injured 247 in China's south-western province of Sichuan. Six tourists are thought to be among the dead, with up to 45,000 people evacuated from the area.

Posted: 2017-09-26 More...

Journal Updates: The Accounting Personnel Selection System in The Computerization Environment in China

Information is changing the economic and social life of human beings, but also a severe challenge to the accounting industry. Computerized accounting bright us convenience, However, it also presents some higher requirements for accounting professionals. Accounting personnel should not only be proficient in financial work, but also master the knowledge and operation about computer hardware and software. Only in this way, the advantages of computerized accounting can be fully played.
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