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Analysis on Two Basic Issues of Modern Hospital Management System

Jingyi Yan, Xiyao Zhong, Wenming YAN


In the process of promoting modern hospital management system, the two basic issues repeatedly thought and constantly researched are: what kind of modern hospital management system will be established and how to establish modern hospital management system. Seen from current status, modern hospital management system is arranged by public hospital system making modern hospital and management system match socialist market economic system, meanwhile, modern hospital management mode is also the target mode Chinese public hospitals constantly reform. Three comparatively outstanding features and requirements of modern hospital management are systematic power release, effective governance and scientific management. The features can be specified, that is to say, in the aspect of organization form, modern hospital management system belongs to one special public legal person system, power release of systematism is made by this system; From the aspect of system equipment, modern hospital management system includes one series of interrelated governance mechanism to conduct effective governance; From the aspect of management behavior, modern hospital management system means scientific, refined and professional management of public hospitals to realize the feature of scientific management. 


Modern Hospital Management System; Organization Form; Governance mechanism

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