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Mineralization Patterns and Conditions of Lateritic Gibbsite Bauxite in Guinea

Rongliang Zhang1, Enpu Gong2, Guoku Wang3, Weiya Peng4


After the exploration and research of Lateritic-Gibbsite bauxite for years in Guinea, based on factors such as paleoclimate, paleogeography and parent rocks, the laterization and bauxite mineralization process of lateritic gibbsite bauxite in Guinea were analyzed. The mineralization conditions and topography were favorable for the formation of bauxite deposits on the West Africa craton of NW Africa, especially in Guinea. Through chemical and phase analysis for mineralogy and petrology of different mining area in BOKE-SANGAREDI of Guinea, the mineralization characters of different minerals were analyzed. Due to the paleoclimate and paleogeographical conditions, the parent rocks were leached of certain major elements, such as Si, K, Na, Ca and Mg. However, some elements, such as Al, Fe, and Ti, became relatively concentrated. Based on composition analyses of the bauxite and surrounding rocks, the laterization and bauxite mineralization processes are evaluated in the Boke-Sangaredi area of Guinea.


Guinea; gibbsite bauxite; paleoclimate; paleogeography; parent rocks; bauxite mineralization

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