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A. A. Kaganovich, S. P. Prisyazhnyuk, A. S. Prisyazhnyuk, A.A. Petrov


On the basis of ongoing research and development the authors substantiate the need to improve the theoretical and methodological foundations of self-development processes for equilibrium and non-equilibrium economic multi-level systems.Particular attention is paid to the analysis of the functioning of the so-called «microscopic open nonequilibrium systems»

In the article, the economic system is viewed from the point of view of synergy - as dual entities consisting of a continuous and discrete sphere.Classification of possible evolutionary changes in the kinetic and constitutional spheres in the process of self-development for economic equilibrium and nonequilibrium systems.Particular attention is paid to the continuous self-organization of microscopic open systems.


Spatial economics; synergetics; cyclicity; development; self-development; system; sustainability; complex approach; external system; internal system; openness; environment; organization; the organization; methodology

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