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Research on Development Status and Trend of Unmanned Wisdom Hotel System Based on Artificial Intelligence Service—Take Bangwei Company as an Example

Rong Yi


With the advent of the Internet era, the world has embraced the era of smart tourism, and smart hotels based on artificial service only came into being and were favored by people. The artificial intelligence of the hotel industry is to use the computer program to help the hotel realize the cooperation between the human and the machine to provide customers with satisfaction and surprise. To improve the income for the owners and management companies, the hotel artificial intelligence can bring a new service experience to the guests. The development of the smart hotel system will become the latest topic in the hotel industry and a key measure for the transformation and upgrading of the hotel industry in the future.Based on the concept of unmanned smart hotel system, this paper discusses the problems that need to be solved in the current hotel industry, and discusses the connotation of the unmanned smart hotel system. Taking BangWei Company as an example, it focuses on the overall solution of the smart hotel system and looks forward to the hotel Smart development prospects. Through the research on smart hotels based on artificial intelligence services, it can be seen that the smart hotel system can bring the following values to hotels and guests: sucking powder, cultivating members, improving service quality, transforming OTA customers, and improving work efficiency. The introduction of the smart hotel system can greatly enhance the hotel's profits and reduce unnecessary expenses. On the other hand, it can bring guests an unprecedented technology fashion experience.


Artificial Intelligence; Smart Hotel; Unmanned Hotel System

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/fm.v4i1.1576