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Risk Analysis and Suggestions on Bond Investment Transaction of Financial Institutions

Zhewei Xu


At present, the development of China's bond market is becoming more and more mature. However, with the continuous expansion of bond trading scale and the innovation of bond products, the risks existing in the transaction are also gradually increasing. Therefore, financial institutions, as the main investors in the bond market, should pay more attention to the measurement and avoidance of risks. Credit spread is an indicator of risk measurement. This paper compares the credit spread of four kinds of bonds through the statistics of their yields, and makes a simple analysis of their risks. Moreover, some suggestions are put forward for the bond investment of financial institutions, which may help them better avoid risks and make reasonable bond investment.


Financial Institutions; Bond Investment; Measurement and Avoidance of Risks; Credit Spread; Suggestions

Full Text:



Li YJ. Changes in influencing factors of breaking exchange rate and credit spread (in Chinese). Bonds 2019; (11): 68-70.

Qi SH. Research on the characteristics and investment value of bond funds (in Chinese). Metallurgical finance and accounting 2019; 38 (10): 27-32.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/fm.v5i1.1601