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Cash Operation Risk Management of Mount Putuo Commercial Bank in Zhoushan City

Sichen Lin


Due to the relatively inconvenient traffic conditions on Mount Putuo Island in Zhoushan City, commercial banks faced the problems of long cash escort routes, potential risks in social management and many uncertain factors after the banks setting up their institutions on the island. The island is relatively independent and rich in tourism resources. With the construction of the comprehensive bonded zone, Putuo's economic development has been continually developing, and the amount of cash withdrawal has increased significantly. Therefore, Mount Putuo Island Commercial Banking Institutions were selected to conduct a field survey. This article analyzes the specific situation of internal cash receipts and payments, and cash transfers with islands outside the island, and the major risks faced by various financial institutions operating on the island, and analyze how to solve the problem in combination with the existing environmental situation in Zhoushan City method.


Commercial Bank; Cash; Management; Risk; Management

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/fm.v5i1.1607