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Spatial Structure Analysis of Leisure Agriculture in Suzhou

Peng Chen, Chenchen Zhu


Based on the analysis of the basic connotation of leisure agriculture, this paper takes the Suzhou city leisure agriculture as the research object to summarize the current situation of leisure agriculture development in Suzhou, the selection of the Suzhou city rural tourism planning (2016-2020) in the key construction project for the leisure agriculture point sample data, analyzes its spatial structure by means of geographic concentration index and Gini coefficient. Through the geographic concentration index is calculated . G is a little less than Goptimal at 44.721. Gini=0.371, C=0.629. According to the research results, leisure agriculture points in Suzhou show a moderate distribution trend, and the leisure agriculture is distributed in various administrative regions of Suzhou city with a high degree of equilibrium, which is conducive to the development of leisure in agriculture. Pertinent suggestions are appropriate to the optimal development path of leisure agriculture in Suzhou.


Leisure Agriculture; Spatial Structure; Suzhou

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/fm.v5i3.2103