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Analysis on the Cause and Countermeasure of Cold Chain Logistics of Fresh Agricultural Products

Yupei Zhang


During the continuous development of e-commerce, we analyze the fresh food e-commerce market and the reported data in recent years, and explore the selection of fresh agricultural products in the cold chain, transportation and distribution, storage and sales. Meanwhile, countermeasures have been made to solve the problem of cold chain disconnection of fresh agricultural products through supply services, infrastructure construction and information management. Ensuring the continuous chain of the cold chain process needs to rely on the collaboration of consumers, businesses, cold chain logistics and other parties, and the cold chain logistics of fresh agricultural products e-commerce requires more in-depth research to maintain no “broken chain”.


Fresh Agricultural Products; E-commerce Cold Chain Logistics; “Broken Chain”; Coping Strategies

Full Text:



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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/fm.v5i4.2872