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Research on the Implementation of Cultivating Students’ Core Literacy in Health Higher Vocational Colleges —A Case Study of Clinical Medicine Students of Heilongjiang Nursing Higher Education

Wanyi Liu


Since the reform and opening up, higher vocational health colleges have undertaken the important task of cultivating and transporting high-quality health technical talents for medical institutions at all levels. However, after the medical students in higher vocational colleges enter the post, there is a general lack of sympathy and care for patients. Taking the students of clinical medicine in Heilongjiang College of Nursing as an example, this study carried on the top level design to the core accomplishment cultivation question in the specialized classroom teaching, the extracurricular activity organization, the clinical probation, the production practice and so on, has carried on the training and the guidance to the student pertinently, has obtained the good result.


Cultivation of Core Literacy; Health Vocational Colleges

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[1] Peng D. Research on the core literacy of students majoring in physical education in higher vocational colleges under the background of "three complete education". Sports Fashion 2020; (6): 142. [2] Mo X. Analysis on the cultivation of students’ core literacy in higher vocational colleges under the new economic normal. Science and Technology Information 2020; 585(12): 244-245.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/ahe.v5i2.3339