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Research and Practice on Curriculum Reform of Higher Vocational Undergraduate Taking Pharmaceutical Engineering Principle and Equipment Course as an Example

Yang Sun


With the continuous reform and development of China’s higher vocational and technical education, great changes have taken place in the teaching system of China’s higher vocational colleges, and the social demand for vocational and technical talents is increasing. The teaching methods and contents of professional core courses should keep pace with the times, so as to cultivate high-level and new industrial and technical talents. Especially for the pharmaceutical engineering original road and equipment course with strong engineering application type in applied chemistry specialty, we should carry out the research of new methods and the reform of new contents, so as to improve the students’ comprehensive quality and corresponding vocational skills. In the process of teaching, we should pay attention to the practicality of the theoretical knowledge of the course, and cultivate students to learn the close organic relationship between the theoretical framework of pharmaceutical engineering principles and equipment course system and the practical application of engineering.


Higher Vocational Undergraduate; Pharmaceutical Engineering Principles and Equipment; Applied Chemistry; Practicality of Theoretical Knowledge; Senior Technical Personnel

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[1] Du Y, Shi G, Sun J, et al. On the teaching reform of the principles of pharmaceutical engineering and chemical engineering. Guangdong Chemical Industry 2021; 48(02): 178.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/ahe.v5i2.3349