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Research on the Development Practice of Intangible Cultural Heritage Cultural Creative Products

Yun Bai


There are different cultural products in different periods, which can fully reflect the economic development, social customs and regional environmental characteristics at that time. In the new era, it is necessary to comprehensively develop cultural and creative products, integrate into intangible cultural heritage, and promote the branding, marketization, specialization and internationalization of regional cultural products, so as to effectively drive regional economic development. We should fully study the history and culture of Northern Shaanxi, excavate the design techniques, traditional crafts and some traditional cultural elements, and research and develop modern cultural and creative products.


Intangible Cultural Heritage;Cultural and Creative Products; Development Practice

Full Text:



1. Shang J. Practical research on the development of cultural and creative products of intangible cultural heritage. Works of Art 2021;(15): 86-87. 2. Song W, Li X. Intangible cultural heritage and the development, inheritance and promotion of tourism creative products. Works of Art 2021; (5): 90-91. 3. Zhou J. The research on the development of intangible cultural heritage cultural and creative products. Popular Color 2019;(5):138+140.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/ahe.v5i5.3678