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Subjective Thinking on the School Running forApplied Research - oriented Colleges in the Big Data Environment

Jingjun Zhang, Zhiqiang Zhao, Xiaofan Shi


In the big data environment, the school running work of applied research-oriented colleges needs to keep pace with the times. In this process, the school should actively integrate information -based teaching elements, improve the construction of “double qualified” teachers, and compile and build the existing teaching content, so as to ensure that the teaching management for current college students has the corresponding pertinence and emphasis. In this paper, under the big data environment, the main work of running school in applied research universities is discussed and explored.


Big Data Environment; Applied Research-oriented; College; Running a University

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1. Xin X, Li Y. Research on the application of information big data in the internationalization of colleges and universities in the new era. Curriculum Education Research 2020; (32): 45-46. 2. Wang Z, Jin W, Xiao L. Research on the application of big data in colleges and universities. Qiao Garden 2019; (10): 83-83. 3. Wei N, Wei S. Research on the construction of big data technology and application specialty in higher vocational colleges under the background of “ double high”. Scientific Consultation (Education and Scientific Research) 2020; (10): 71-71.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/ahe.v5i5.3680