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Discussion on the Practice of Course Certificate Integration for Midwifery Specialty in Higher Vocational Education under the 1+X Certificate System

Weihong Li


Actively promoting the “1+X certificate system” is conducive to changing the teaching concepts of teachers,
promoting the all-round development of higher vocational students, promoting the related work of the course certificate
integration of higher vocational colleges in my country, and building a more complete professional course certificate for
midwifery in higher vocational colleges facility system. This article mainly focuses on the two aspects of “Introduction to
the 1+X Certificate System” and “Practice of Integrating Course Certificates in Higher Vocational Midwifery under the
1+X Certificate System”. A detailed analysis of the 1+X certificate system and the rational integration of the 1+X
certificate system into the midwifery specialty of higher vocational colleges, hoping to further improve the quality of
midwifery education in China’s higher vocational colleges by means of “course certificate integration”. So that the
students of this major can make continuous progress, have a more comprehensive knowledge structure and vocational
skills, can enter the workplace smoothly, and create more value for the society.


1+X Certificate System; Higher Vocational Colleges; Midwifery Major; Course Certificate Integration

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