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Analysis on the System Construction of Sports Education Mode in the Public Courses of Physical Education in Colleges and Universities

Shijie Ji


At present, problems such as too many teaching forms of public physical education courses in colleges and
universities and students' passiveness are prominent. In order to effectively improve the educating effect of public physical
education courses, curriculum teaching reform is imperative. This article proposes the system construction of sports
education mode in college sports public courses, aiming to make students become sports participants with sports ability,
sports culture and sports enthusiasm. Sports teaching mode embodies the student-oriented teaching thinking, develops
suitable competition methods according to the structure of the sports competition environment, strives to participate in
each of the students, and strives to assume the roles and figures, and finally tracks the students' learning progress by means
of expressive evaluation. The level, timely feedback and judgment of the achievement of the curriculum objectives,
through the sports teaching mode, can maximize the completion of the new physical education curriculum standards.


Sports Education Model; Colleges and Universities; Public Sports Courses; System Construction

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