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Research on Mechanical Design of Multi Motion Dynamic Reconfigurable Wheel Shoe Compound Robot

Cai Liao


In some complex and changeable outdoor terrain survey, the work that may not be realized by manpower is
mostly replaced by robots or unmanned machines. Based on the motion advantages of wheeled and tracked mobile
mechanisms, a wheel shoe compound robot with diversified motion modes is developed.The robot is composed of control
unit, two identical reconfigurable wheels, turnover mechanism and vehicle body, so it has the advantages of three modes.
Based on the relevant motion mechanics, the relevant parameters are optimized to continuously promote the continuous
change of motion trajectory and the continuous optimization of drive motor performance, which plays a positive role in
improving motor efficiency. Through experimental research, it is found that this multi mobile dynamic mobile robot can
continuously adjust its own mechanism, move freely in the complex and changeable outdoor environment, and has strong
environmental adaptability, which shows the effectiveness of the design.


Multi Movement Dynamics; Reconfigurable; Wheel Shoe Compound Robot; Machine Design

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