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Exploration of Integrating Ideological and Political Elements into the Teaching of Principle and Application of Single Chip Microcomputer under the Background of Engineering

Xiangqun Zhang, Fan Zhang, Yanmin Zhang


In view of the current situation that science and engineering students' learning is partial to rationality and logic and lack of ideological and political education under the background of new engineering, ideological and political content is introduced into theoretical classroom and experimental teaching to cultivate high-quality talents with both morality and ability and conforming to the trend of the times. This paper first analyzes the necessity of integrating ideological and political elements into the teaching of Principle and Application of Single Chip Microcomputer, then puts forward the implementation process of curriculum ideological and political, such as the selection of teaching cases, the means of ideological and political integration, and finally summarizes this paper.


New Engineering; Principle and Application of Single Chip Microcomputer; Ideological and Political Elements

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/ahe.v5i9.4016