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Promoting Employment in Colleges and Universities Based on Party Building of College Students

Panpan Li, Ling Wang


As a reserve force for modernization, college students’ comprehensive literacy can have an important impact on their employment and future development. With the continuous advancement of the reform of the education system in colleges and universities, the popularization rate of party building in universities has also been signifi cantly improved. Doing a good job in party building for college students can eff ectively improve the core literacy of college students, and also enhance their employment competitiveness. Lay a solid foundation for the future society. For colleges and universities, it is also necessary to use the party building work of college students to promote the development of employment work in colleges and universities, do a good job in the organic combination of party building work and employment work of college students, improve the quality of employment in colleges and universities, and improve the quality of education in colleges and universities. This paper analyzes the correlation between the party building of college students and the employment work in colleges and universities, and puts forward the strategy of promoting the employment work in colleges and universities based on the party building of college students, aiming to provide reference for the relevant research in the future.


College students; Party building; Employment in colleges and universities; Strategy

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/ahe.v6i21.6699