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The Integration of College Aerobics Teaching and Happy Physical Education Teaching Mode

Ting Yu


In college aerobics education and teaching, through the study of this course, students can not only master the basic knowledge and skills of aerobics, but also gradually develop the concept of lifelong sports with the help of teachers. On this basis, teachers can combine the concept of happy physical education with college aerobics courses to build a good teacher-student relationship, interesting teaching situations, and personalized teaching measures to truly mobilize students’ interest and enthusiasm in sports. Let students relax their body and mind, relieve learning pressure, and strengthen students’ sports skills and aesthetic ability when learning aerobics courses, so as to meet the actual requirements of my country’s college physical education reform. In view of this, this paper fi rst puts forward the university aerobics teaching objectives, and secondly from the clear teaching content, stimulate students’ interest in participation, change the teaching concept, cultivate students’ aerobics innovation ability, diversifi ed teaching methods, multi-directional penetration of happy sports concepts and other aspects of the university aerobics teaching and happy sports teaching mode integration path and implementation measures, for reference.


College sports; Aerobics; Happy sports

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