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The Application of Inquiry Teaching Mode in High School Ideological and Political Teaching

Zhi Wang


Ideological and political class in high school as an important subject, it not only bears the role of knowledge transmis-sion, more important is its special role of education, ideological and political class in the healthy growth of students play a vital role, is an important symbol of the socialist nature of school education. After the implementation of the new curriculum reform, the inquiry-based teaching model has not been accepted by the whole society in the ideological and political teaching. In view of the inquiry teaching model has special signifi cance to the ideological and political course in high school, so the meaning, characteris-tics of the inquiry teaching model and the theoretical basis of the inquiry teaching of ideological and political course were investi-gated, and then combined with the current ideological and moral course inquiry teaching problems were analyzed. Finally, in view of the problems, This paper puts forward a series of feasible solutions from improving the social mechanism guarantee, perfecting the teaching evaluation mechanism, enhancing the professional quality of teachers and cultivating the students’ independent in-quiry ability, so as to improve the problems existing in the inquiry teaching mode in the present ideological and political course.


Inquiry teaching model; Ideology and politics; Question teaching

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/ahe.v6i21.6740