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An Analysis of the Development Status of Omnimedia and the Integration of University Journalism Education from the Perspective of International Communication

Rui Zhang


With the advancement of Internet technology, a revolution of media convergence has been set off worldwide.As the product of media convergence and development, “omnimedia” has become the only way to the development of media fi elds in all countries around the world. At present, the concept of omnimedia has not been formally proposed in academia. It comes from the application side of the media. With the continuous emergence and changes of media forms and the comprehensive integration of media content, channels and functions, people need more words with broader meanings when using the concept of media. Thus,the concept of “omnimedia” has been widely applied. The characteristics of the media environment in the all-media era require the journalism education in colleges and universities to update the teaching concept, introduce new media and new technology content in the process of talent training, and carry out all-round and three-dimensional innovation of talent training programs in combination with ideological and political content, so as to cultivate specialized talents in news communication who can tell Chi-nese stories well.


International communication; Omnimedia; University journalism education.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/ahe.v6i21.6743