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English Education Reform Strategy in Higher Vocational College

Xinghua Li, Jonathan Iglesias


With the continuous strengthening of the trend of economic globalization, the pace of China’s integration with the world is also accelerating. The social demand for comprehensive English talents is becoming more and more urgent, and the importance of English learning is becoming more and more prominent. Higher vocational colleges are the main places to cultivate social talents, but there are still many problems to be improved in English education.
This paper is completed by literature method, actual investigation method and data analysis method.
In order to improve the quality of English Teaching in Higher Vocational Colleges and meet the needs of the society for the English ability of higher vocational college graduates. By analyzing the current situation of English Teaching in higher vocational colleges, this paper puts forward specific teaching reform strategies, hoping to contribute to the development of English education in Higher Vocational Colleges and cultivate more comprehensive talents for the society.
English education reform in higher vocational colleges can guide students to change from teaching diversification and mode reform, and carry out systematic reform teaching on the premise of cultivating students’ English application ability. Higher vocational colleges should also combine their own advantages and reality, explore modern methods of English teaching, and strive to cultivate diversified applied talents.


Higher vocational colleges; English education; Reform; Strategy

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/ahe.v7i6.7674