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The Impact of Educational Capitalization on Access to Quality Education

Yanli Xiao, Shayne Dinamling


In the context of the nearby enrollment policy, the location of registered residence and the actual residence become the basis for the nearby enrollment, which makes the residence directly related to the enrollment opportunities. This not only improves the utilization efficiency of high-quality educational resources, but also tests the economic capital of different families. In this context, whether the nearby enrollment policy has played a role in promoting education equity, what is the relationship between housing prices and access to quality education, and who has access to quality education. According
to the relevant literature, the relationship between educational resources and housing price and the research status of family capital on access to educational opportunities. The following conclusions are drawn: Family background has a significant impact on access to quality education. Household capital enrichment promotes access to quality educational opportunities; Residence influences family background and students’ access to quality education According to the above research three suggestions are put forward on how to promote the fair distribution of high-quality educational resources: promoting the
balanced development of education increasing the supply of high-quality educational resources; introducing market mechanism and standardizing school selection behavior; Strengthen the publicity of educational ideas and optimize the educational environment.


Nearby Enrollment Policy; Capitalization of education quality; Enrollment opportunities

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