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The Value Implication, Specific Connotation and Practical Path of Building a New Pattern of College Aesthetic Education in the New Era

Jiyue Lin


As a crucial part of the work of colleges and universities, aesthetic education is quite necessary to build a new pattern of aesthetic education in colleges and universities in the new era in the face of the requirements of high-quality development of colleges and universities in the new era, which plays a significant role in promoting the all-round development of students’ moral, intellectual, physical, aesthetic and labor development, cultivating students’ various abilities, and satisfying the social demand of beauty in the new era. In the construction of the new pattern of aesthetic education in colleges and universities, we ought to intensify the political position to build the ideological pattern, strengthen the cultural drive to build the cultural pattern, and give play to the service function to build the social pattern. We should effectively bolster up the organizational safeguards by implementing the main responsibility; And based on excellent culture, we should also absorb the nutrients of youth growth; Besides it is necessary to actively serve the society, bring about a good social atmosphere, and build a new pattern of college aesthetic education in the new era in practice.


Universities; Aesthetic education work; Pattern

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