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Design of Teaching Reform for Data Mining Course in Universities Based on“Task Driven,Project Oriented”

Jia Guo


With the development and breakthrough of information technology,digital information has become an important resource in people’s lives and work in the new era,triggering discussions and research on digital information.Data mining technology has emerged and rapidly developed.The course“Data Mining”in universities,as the main course for imparting knowledge of data mining technology,should receive more widespread attention.Especially with the proposal of the concept of“new engineering”,the teaching reform of the“Data Mining”course in universities is urgent.This article will first analyze the characteristics and difficulties of the“Data Mining”course in universities,and combine the research points of the“task driven,project oriented”teaching method to explore the new ideas brought by the integration of the two to the teaching of the“Data Mining”course in universities,in order to promote more effective teaching results in the“Data Mining”course in universities,and to promote digital information to better provide services and guarantees for the public.


Task Driven;Project Oriented;Universities;Data Mining;Curriculum Reform

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