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Guidelines for Preschool Education Professional Training in University for Science & Technology ,Beijing

Yue Wang, Tanaput Chancharoen, Sirikorn Tosati


The purposes of this research were 1) to study the current situation of preschool education professional training in University for Science &Technology,Beijing, 2) to provide the guidelines for preschool education professional training in University for Science &Technology,Beijing.The population/sample for this research was conducted by random sampling.During the period from March 2023 to July 2023. The population size was 500, of which 290 students of the preschool education program of University for Science & Technology,Beijing and 210 staff members of the fi ve preschools cooperating with the program in school-enterprise cooperation, 205 staff members from fi ve preschools that cooperated with the program, and 5 administrative staff . A random sample of 170 students majoring in preschool education at the University for Science & Technology, Beijing and 136 teachers from fi ve preschools that have school-enterprise cooperation with the program were selected. The research instruments was a questionnaire survey. Data analysis included descriptive statistical analysis, reliability analysis and validity analysis.The results were found follows: 1)the current situation of preschool education professional training in University for Science &Technology,Beijing: training objectives is not clear; In the training process, teaching and practical training are “two skins” phenomenon; In terms of training system, there are “school” and “enterprise” but not in harmony; Training evaluation is single. 2) The Guidelines for preschool education professional training in University for Science &Technology,Beijing includes four parts: training objectives, training process, training system, training evaluation. That is to cultivate preschool education professional applied talents with “learning, knowledge and deep technology”,by “three three three” training guide, “three three three work method, three three three teaching method, three three three real training method”.


Preschool education; Professional training

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/ahe.v7i23.9809