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Global Ocean Seasonal scale Shanghai - gas interaction feature Analy-sis

yuan Shi


determine the local sea - The characteristics of the gas interaction to the sea - What type of is applied in the gas-coupled mode Forces Impersonation has important guidance action . This article is based on the correlation between sea surface heat flux anomaly and sea surface temperature anomaly and sea surface temperature variability , To the global ocean season inner scale sea - A comprehensive analysis of the characteristics of gas interaction . results show :(1) South ,Northern Hemisphere subtropical region sea - gas interaction The characteristics of the are mainly manifested by the atmospheric forcing of the Ocean , and in summer ( Northern Hemisphere : 6- 8 Month , The Southern hemisphere is - The following year 2 Month ) To Force with the widest range , Winter forced range minimum ;(2) equator , East Pacific and Equatorial Atlantic region Sea - gas Interaction special Levy for the entire year the ocean is forced on the atmosphere , Indian Ocean Somalia Coast , Arabian Sea and Bengal, B. Of area only 6- 8 Monthly Performance the phenomenon of forcing the atmosphere out of the ocean , and Bengal,B. Of 9 One one Month performance for atmospheric forcing Ocean ; (3)\°n(S ) above high latitudes The anomaly and variability of the regional sea surface temperature cannot be explained by the exchange of local geothermal fluxes. , This is because the sea surface temperature changes in the area are mainly from the advection and other ocean internal power process decisions , therefore sea - The interaction between the gas and the seasonal scale is not obvious . in certain seaareas , season internal scale sea - The relationship between gas interaction and the time scale above the season may be significantly different from .


Sea - gas interaction ; Sea - gas-heat flux ; sea surface temperature anomaly ; Global Ocean ; Seasonal Changes

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