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nutrients in atmospheric wet deposition in the Zhanjiang Bay.

Fa-jin Chen


The nutrients in atmospheric wet deposition to Zhanjiang Bay and their on the impacts marine E studied based on the rainwater investigation from May 2015 to April 2016. The results showed the rainfall during the year of investigation was significantly higher the than the average annual Rai Nfall due to the influence of El Nino. In rainwater, NOand SiO 3 2 concentrations were relatively high in summer and autumn, while NO B20>3 and PO4concentrations were Relatively high in spring and winter. The deposition fluxes of these nutrients were all highest in autumn, with a high average contribution (larger than 50%) to The wet deposition fluxes in a whole year. These seasonal variations were affected by rainfall, different sources to air masses, local human activities. A Super typhoon passing by in autumn, which brought heavy rains, contributed more to the highest deposition fluxes of Nutr Ients in autumn. The wet deposition could bring 2.04, 292.4, 8.13 and 45.8t/a of NO2-<b113 >-N, NO3-N, PO43- - p and SiO32--si into the Zhanjiang Bay. Their deposition in autumn might cause phytoplankton to increase in seawater in short period Phenomenon might be absent.


atmosphere wet deposition ; Nutrient ; eutrophication ; Zhanjiang Bay

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