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Physico-chemical characteristics of individual aerosol particles in Ma-rine atmosphere on South

Chijian Wei


I During th Chinese National Antarctic Expedition ( ( chianre), individual particle samples were collected from South-to-Antarctic during L 2013. A transmission electron microscopy with energy-dispersive X-ay spectrometry (tem-eds) is employed to analyze the Morpholo GY, mixing state, composition, and relative abundances of individual aerosol. Atmospheric particles were classified into four types:sea salt, mineral, s ' ich and C-ich. Sea salt Aerosols (SSA) were dominant in marine particles from South to Antarctic, and they were further into three Sub-types:fresh SSA, partially aged SSA, and fully SSA. Partially and fully aged SSA accounted for 86% The total SSA number. Interestingly, surface of partially aged SSA and fully aged SSAcontained abundant rod-iike Na2</b20 >S 0 4. Mineral dust particles increased in the coastal areas, which were by influenced air. In addition, we found this s-ich particles were abundant at two sampling sites (the Middle Eastern of Indian Ocean and Ant Arctic inland). The back trajectories of air masses indicated that this s-ich particles were mainly formed via the oxidation of dimethyl Sulfide (DMS) emitted from the marine phytoplanktons. Our study suggests this SSA aging process in the South hemisphere atmosphere was controlled by the DMS which is differ ENT from the SSA aging under the influence of anthropogenic pollutants in the North hemisphere.


Sea Salt Aerosol ; Individual particle analysis ; mixing State ; transmission electron microscopy (TEM) ; Antarctic

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