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Practical Application of Earned Value in Software Project Management—Taking the Developed IT Project as an Example

Shuangxi Zhang


Earned value management (EVM) emerged in the United States in the 1960s[1]. It is used as an important standard of project cost management and progress management. The focus of earned value is to accurately measure the specific plan and actual performance of a project, which can accurately predicts the final cost and schedule results of the project. Earned value is based on the integration of various means of project management, so that the real cost performance of the project can be reflected, which is not achieved by other project management technologies. Based on the actual B2B project of ABCD company, this paper studies the application of earned value in practice.


Software Project Management; Earned Value (EV); Planned Value (PV); Actual Cost (AC); Schedule Performance Index (SPI); Cost Performance Index (CPI)

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